Venture deep into the Mystic Forest, an enchanted land where animals speak and nature spirits dwell. Follow the adventures of Kriya as she embarks on a search for her beloved cat, the Princess of Freedom. Watch her transform as she discovers the courage of her heart and learns the lessons of surrender.

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At this time in history when Life on Earth is threatened, it is imperative to prepare the children and teach them values that will set humanity on course to a healthier future for everyone. The Princess of Freedom teaches young people the living skills of forgiveness and tolerance so we may overcome our differences and live in peace and brotherhood. It teaches children to serve as caretakers of Mother Earth and it inhabitants, and to appreciate the beauty of our planet and the wisdom of the animals as guides and teachers for humanity.


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Tarra Light has written a very sweet story about three cats and their human family. This story will capture the attention of young readers and entice them into a world where highly intelligent animals communicate with humans, guide them on their adventures, and help them learn important life lessons. The story carries multiple levels of meaning, and can be appreciated by children of any age, from 4 to 94.

Avram Sacks

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For your viewing enjoyment, the illustrations have been enhanced,
with color added to the original black and white.


She came upon a stone pathway and obliged its silent invitation to walk along its timeworn slate and shale. Her eyes opened wide with wonder to see a thatched roof cottage as she had envisioned in fairy tales from long ago. Standing before the door was a radiant older woman offering a handful of seeds to a black raven. The raven hopped about her feet unafraid, as if they had known one another from a distant time.



Approaching closer, she (Princess) could see seven cloaked gures,
each wearing a colored robe resembling a ray of the rainbow.

Then the Sister of the Violet Ray stepped forward to greet Princess. “Come with me, dear one. Let us walk together down the sacred path.” Guided by lunar light, they found their way, taking a turn to the right and a twist to the left. They entered a grove of grandmother trees, the godparents of the forest. Gentle rays of moonlight caressed the countenance of the Violet Sister. Her clairvoyant eyes focused on Princess. “You may call me Onawa. I am the elder of this clan; we are the seven sisters of the rays of rainbow light. I sent for you to meet me here.”



"Your heart has a deeper way of knowing than the mind can understand.
When you surrender to love, love comes alive in you.
Let love choose for you. That is freedom!



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"Every animal has a purpose in the scheme of things. Every animal
has a special job to do, its gifts to share with Creation.”





The Princess of Freedom weaves profound life lessons into a wholesome and delightful tale. From a teacher’s perspective, I see it as literature to stimulate the imagination and creativity of a child. With the proliferation of violence in our society and hard-core social issues given considerable prominence in our schools, it is refreshing to find literature with such a level of innocence carrying so powerful a message.”

—Phyllis Blain, Elementary teacher


“Through creative storytelling, Tarra teaches the core fundamentals every child needs to build a healthy foundation of values in a way that is playful, spirited, and adventurous. As a trauma therapist who uses EMDR with children and adults, I believe this book can help my clients identify and heal the wounds of their own childhood trauma.”

—Treva R. Rawlings, LCPC, Rawlings Community Counseling


The Princess of Freedom by Tarra Light is a delightful, inspiring fable for both children and adults. Using the close interchange between Kriya, a typical woman, and her three intelligent, self-aware cats, the story deals poignantly with anger, insecurity, and the need to embrace healing for our world. Kriya and her husband, Tom, adopt a young cat named Tykee the Tiger, and bring him to join their two other cats—Mirabel and Princess. Each cat represents elements of wisdom that Kriya, like all humans, needs to learn to embrace. But Princess is most central to the story. When Kriya receives a hurtful letter from her father, who she has not been close to for years, she is hurled into a journey of self-discovery and letting go in which Princess plays the role of her guide.

The Princess of Freedom is an enchanting read and a rare find—a story that truly can appeal to all ages at all phases of understanding. Beneath a simple, elegant narrative lurks the calming peace of human emotion against the backdrop of nature, with adorable animal characters that kids will love, and character situations that resonate on the deepest levels with adults. Kriya’s quest to explore nature and learn from animals holds deep truths for people striving to overcome hurt and gain their own identity. The world Tarra Light creates is our world painted in mystical, serene hues that hold instant reality as well as a soaring philosophy that every animal has a special place and purpose…For all the dreamers you may know and for all those still afraid to dream—this is a book to read.”

—Reviewed by Sarah Scheele for Readers' Favorite


Even the trees and flowers would speak to us, if we would only listen.
Even the mountains and rivers have stories to tell.

“The way that Tarra tells her stories, one finds oneself quickly immersed in a world where all beings are honored for their natural place in the world. We all can take back the dignity of being responsible for our own power. Her stories teach of taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions so that they may reflect the fundamental truth that we are all united. We are encouraged to pay close attention and to open to the guidance that is being offered every day by the natural world and by our own consciousness. After reading The Princess of Freedom, I was (and you will be) left with the sense of the deep trustworthiness of LIFE itself. For children and grown-ups, this book is a direct teaching of openness and innocence.”

—Lisa Schumacher, Author of a book of poetry, The Stone I Love.
Spiritual Teacher and Mentor in the lineage of Gangaji and Eli,
Papaji and Ramana Maharshi.


The Princess of Freedom is an enchanting, delightful story for children, as well as the young at heart. It is beautifully told, with poetry and lovely pictures interspersed. The message of the book is deeply spiritual, while remaining light and fun. I would urge anyone who loves animals and wants spiritual nourishment to read this sweet book.”

—Barbara Shor, DVM, Animal Communicator, author of SOUL OF THE WILD:
Intimate Messages from the Hearts and Souls of Elephants and Whales


“Tarra Light has crafted a story that speaks with deep wisdom and authority about personal challenges, beliefs, and the power of the awakened heart to overcome anything. The book has an elegant simplicity that can appeal to children and adults. The use of multiple layers of archetypes, most of which are familiar from many common mythologies and legends, is cleverly woven throughout the narrative. I absolutely love the energy of the illustrations, and they complement the story very well. All in all, a real gem of a story...with truth at its center.”

Isaac George, Spiritual and Astrological Counselor/Mentor



Artists:  Claudia Clayton, Robert Bissett, Tarra Light

Editors:  Becky Kemery, Susan Drinkard

Spiritual Advisor, Editorial Assistance:  Avram Sacks 

Graphic Design:  Robert Bissett