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Tom and Kriya find themselves plunged into unforeseen circumstances, facing homelessness with their three cats. Out of desperation, not knowing which way to turn, the couple accepts a position as caretakers of an old mansion, soon to discover it is inhabited by mischievous spirits (gremlets) that taunt the cats and incite conflict between the people around them.

Seeking a way out of their predicament, they engage in a series of impassioned dialogues debating the existential questions of life. Are we victims of pre-destined forces over which we have no control, or are we creators responsible for our lives?

Kriya’s inquisitive nature leads her to begin an investigation of what is really going on. As a psychic detective of the first degree, she meets the ghost of a whistleblower who gave his life for truth. He warns Kriya of the perilous path that lies ahead for humanity unless people use the power of choice to take a higher road. He asks her to help him get the word out and expose the secret agenda that is keeping humanity from being free. She rises to the challenge and accepts his proposal, honoring her commitment to truth and freedom. 

Cats, Ghosts, and Gremlets opens the mind to see beyond groupthink and what we are taught to believe. A sense of intrigue will pique your curiosity to follow the adventures of Kriya as she searches for answers to the dilemmas that beset our times.

Cats Can Save the World Series

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Tarra Light has woven an imaginative and beautifully crafted story of Tom and Kriya, and their three cats, who have been invited to stay in the Victorian home of a woman named Sunny. When they agree to the arrangement they are unaware of the other inhabitants of the home, including her two sons, two gremlets, and Uncle Daniel whom you will have the pleasure of meeting in a painting hanging in the home’s art gallery. Enticed yet?

In her delightful writing style, we meet each character and through their eyes see how they each, in their unique ways, experience reality. (This includes, of course, the cats.) As the story progresses, we see how the perceptions of the characters are expanded by insights beyond their own mindsets.

I found my own belief system represented by several characters in the story, as well as other views I was less familiar with, and enjoyed very much the opportunity to expand my understanding of how rich and magnificent our world is, as seen through the minds and hearts of the different characters, and also to see how sometimes our vision may be clouded by beliefs that may not always come from the highest sources.

“Cats, Ghosts and Gremlets” is a pleasure to read, and I look forward to the third book of the trilogy of “Cats Can Save the World,” where we will continue to follow the cat Tiger, as Tula the astral bird guides him to meet the character known as Solman. I’m sure the next book will continue to be enlightening.

—Arzani Burman, author of “The Legacy of Violetta Rose” and “Sky Harbor.”

Tarra Light is a very interesting writer gifted with a creative mind. This book is a delight to read. While imaginative fiction it is based in part upon an actual living situation she once had. Tarra introduces adorable, telepathic cats and mischievous “gremlets” (gremlins) into the story to add to the drama. In so doing she allows very profound metaphysical questions to be posed and answered. This makes for revelations of what is really happening behind the headlines of today’s newspapers. This book is thus timely, entertaining and thought provoking. It is highly recommended.

— Shaun

I have lived with several Zen masters—all of them cats.
— Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

In an intriguing way, Tarra Light presents vignettes of the various mysteries found in life.  She does this from the perspective of cats. Her wisdom is presented like a Zen master, where "all of them (are) cats" (Eckhart Tolle).

— Dr. Richard Alan Miller, The Non-Local Mind in a Holographic Universe ("How to change the movie")


Cats Can Save the World Series

Book One: The Princess of Freedom
Book Two: Cats, Ghosts and Gremlets
Book Three: Cat on a Mission


To order: Cats, Ghosts and Gremlets