Angel of Auschwitz
A Spiritual Memoir of Forgiveness and Healing                 

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A Jewish girl becomes
a Nazi death-camp healer
in this gripping imaginative
work based on the
author's past life 

A unique approach
to the Holocaust
from the viewpoint of
spiritual and karmic


Natasza Pelinski is a young Polish Jew taken to Auschwitz. Her childhood stolen from her, she quickly matures and in the process discovers she has psychic gifts. She develops a relationship with the ghost of a professor, who becomes her spirit guide. He in turn enlists her aid on a mission of salvation for the Jewish people. As well as helping her survive in the brutal conditions of the camp, he teaches Natasza the secret of healing and how to move past anger toward compassion. She forms the Sisters of Light, a group of young women who, although they have few medicines to offer, bring gifts of love and forgiveness to their fellow prisoners. They form a bond of the heart that sustains them and keeps them connected through the horror of their daily existence.

Author Tarra Light was raised in an East Coast Jewish family but had little knowledge of the Holocaust while growing up. During past-life regression therapy in 1996, she began to access a previous life as an inmate at Auschwitz. Her newly unlocked memories form the basis of this eloquent testimony to the power of the spirit in the most dire circumstances.


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“Tarra uses her story of the Holocaust to point to the timeless truth of Love in the face of the worst nightmare of suffering. In this she holds the vision of the future possibility of the human heart.”
—Eli Jaxon-Bear, author of “From Fixation to Freedom: The Enneagram of Liberation” 

“The story of Natasza stands as an example of the potential we all have to connect with our higher natures...”
—Wynn Free, principal author, “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation”


“I find Angel of Auschwitz to be an instrument of reconciliation and healing. It is the story of the age-old struggle between good and evil played out against the backdrop of Nazi Germany—right up there with Corrie ten Boom and Anne Frank.… Tarra uses her beautiful writing to bring forth the Holocaust as an archetype of oppression. Then she shows how compassion, forgiveness, and understanding can break down the walls of prejudice and hatred and bring diverse peoples together. This book transcends barriers and will contribute to right human relations, goodwill, and hopefully world peace.”
—The Reverend Marian Breckenridge, cofounder, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Northwest School of Religious and Philosophical Studies

“Angel of Aushwitz is a story for all time and for all peoples. It shows us the incredible potential of the human heart. It shows us how we can love no matter what the circumstances. It teaches us that we can find good even in the most hateful and cruel human beings.

“I feel I am a better human being for having read this book. I feel more dedicated to being of service to others, more willing to overlook people's faults, and more hopeful about the future of humanity. Knowing what Natasza was capable of in a concentration camp is motivating me to do more in circumstances which are so much kinder and gentler. I am very grateful to Tarra Light for writing this book, and for sharing this amazing story with the whole world! I encourage anyone and everyone to read it!”
—Avram Sacks, Spiritual Counselor, Ashland, Oregon

“I am an avid reader of Historical Biographies, World History both ancient and current, and have written a biography taking place in the Cold War, so I was very intrigued to hear about Tarra Light's book, Angel of Auschwitz. Some years ago I visited Auschwitz. There is a museum inside the camp with photos and memorabilia, to include the room of shoes with a glass wall to the ceiling so you see each well-worn shoe with a personality of its own. I am tough, but when we came to the room filled with human hair I started to faint.

“Reading this book was my first experience with a channeled story from another lifetime. This narrative was not depressing; we all learn from the truth. We need the truth. Everyone knows Auschwitz is not a happy place, but there are many moments of joy in this book, many times of victory where Tarra - Natasza in the story - was able to greatly improve the lives of many prisoners in significant ways, both emotionally and physically, as a doctor would with years of experience, this from a 17-year- old girl. These prisoners were fortunate to experience her loving attention, as were her jailers in experiencing her forgiveness and humanity... Tarra did not attempt to hedge or soften concentration camp brutality, but she does love each individual. This book is not religious but it is a spiritual experience.
—Charlotte Wilson, author of “Blue Group”


     As you read the pages before you, open your mind to new ways of seeing. Allow the story of Natasza to take you on a journey of self-transformation. These writings contain keys to unlock doorways to healing for those whose hearts have been yearning to be free. This book speaks to your soul in a language that transcends thought.


The Victory of Love

The Truth that I recognized as the voice of my heart reassured me of the ultimate victory of love. I knew that love is invincible because love is the essence of God. Boris spoke to me about the nature of love:  “As a minister, you act as the hand of God reaching out to heal humanity. You serve as a channel of divine love in service to the world. The love we feel is God expressed through us. His love sustains all of creation.

       “As a healer, know that love is the most potent of all medicines. Love is the greatest power in the universe, greater than the might of all the armies of the world. Hitler’s rabid assault on humanity will fail. The power of love will win the war by conquering the hearts of mankind.”


The Source of My Strength

My cause was freedom—the liberation of my people. Every cry of woundedness broke open my heart. Every outrage and injustice rekindled the fire of my zeal. My sense of purpose and love for my people gave me the strength to carry on. Living the Truth meant honoring my commitment to God. In divine partnership, I walked the path of my destiny.

     Words of inspiration flashed into my mind to help me rise above the unfolding human tragedy. “Natasza, you must forge a will of iron upon the anvil of your faith. Your faith will keep your spirits buoyant above the undertow of despair.”