Begin your journey now to a fantastic future, free from the rules of the world we believe to be real. Invoke the Spirit of Imagination as you visit the Time Shop and meet Archibald Ben Dillon, a Master of Time. Using the powers of mind, he can create the future, heal the past, and transform the very essence and nature of time itself.

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When a mysterious Lady approaches the Time Master with an urgent plea to save the Earth from destruction, he takes a vacation from his own lifetime and travels to the year 2255 searching for answers to bring back to his Home Time. Along the way, he discovers mental habits he needs to break, surrenders his identity and discovers who he has always been in time and out of time. He returns to Earth a new man.


"Written with a childlike imagination and a delightful adult twist, Tarra Light’s The Time Doctor will appeal to all ages. The underlying metaphysical ideologies and unusual analogies kept me intrigued and laughing."

— Sandra Moilanen, Environmental educator, Winston, Oregon

"What is “time?” We think we know, yet modern physics, remote viewing experiments, and paranormal narratives are challenging old beliefs at every turn. But let’s not be too serious! With a quirky sense of the ridiculous, the author turns familiar phrases and habits of thinking on their heads, creating a lighthearted journey that challenges us, with warm humor, to open up to realities beyond what we take for granted. Recommended for all ages, with just one requirement: the ability to set aside expectations, trust the author, and enjoy a fine ride."

— Christine C. Menefee, Librarian and book reviewer, Ashland, Oregon

"Tarra’s manner of writing is appealing and gets the reader enthralled right away, without taking itself too seriously and over-intellectualizing points in the theme, as many tend to do with such a huge, vast, mysterious subject as time/space! ... I really like how such intense subject matter and wisdom is illustrated with a delightful story and characters (with great names) ... very witty, at times funny and lighthearted but with deep meaning and powerful lessons! A fun and wise story for all ages! I love the style!"

— Cecile Poletti, Artist, Ashland, Oregon

Author’s Note

Throughout my life, I have struggled to "fit in" with the culture of the people around me. The measured world of clocks and hours seems at odds with my inner sense of timing and natural way of being. I prefer to live in the forest, amongst the redwoods and Ponderosa pines, attuned to the nature spirits and animals of the wild, harmonizing with the rhythm and flow of life. Inspired by the beauty of nature, I live each day with grateful appreciation for the wonders and oneness of life.

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