Cat on a Mission - Tarra Light

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Tiger is a cat on a mission inspired by the dreams of his heart. Following his guidance, he and his cat partner Fiddle travel through the forestlands to the Temple of Golden Light. There they meet the Avian Elders, who impart galactic knowledge to help humanity awaken.



“Tarra presents a story with heartfelt innocence combined with metaphysical understanding of how man might evolve by embracing his heart intelligence.”

— John Campbell, retired counselor

"Tarra is one of those rare authors who can write a seemingly simple story which touches its readers on many different levels, both conscious and subconscious. She is actually planting seeds of transformation in the readers’ psyches, seeds which may sprout and blossom weeks, months, or even years after the last delightful page has been read."

— Avram Sacks, spiritual counselor

“With every exchange, we witness the potential for love, given and received without bias or judgment, not just in this book or in our dreams, but in the world we share.”

—Will Wilkinson, author of Now or Never and The Noon Club



To order: Cat on a Mission


Cats Can Save the World Series

Book One: The Princess of Freedom
Book Two: Cats, Ghosts and Gremlets
Book Three: Cat on a Mission


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