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Tiger is a cat on a mission inspired by the dreams of his heart. Following his guidance, he and his cat partner Fiddle travel through the forestlands to the Temple of Golden Light. There they meet the Avian Elders, who impart galactic knowledge to help humanity awaken.



“Tarra has accomplished something remarkable with Cat on a Mission. Some authors entertain and others instruct; Tarra does both and in such an elegant way that we are irresistibly drawn, not just from page to page, but from one personal learning moment to another. That’s quite a feat!
      “One of her characters, Solman, says: “We create the world with our minds.” What a world Tarra has created! At this time of intense polarization in our human world, what better way to champion diversity than to present animals and humans in heroic relationships. With every exchange, we witness the potential for love, given and received without bias or judgment, not just in this book or in our dreams, but in the world we share. Creating that world starts in our minds and this wondrous tale gives us a powerful kick start!”

—Will Wilkinson, author of Now or Never and The Noon Club

“Tarra Light’s novella, Cat on a Mission, is a journey of discovery, a quest for the metaphorical Holy Grail of Mother Earth. Using cats (and other animals) as the anthropomorphic main characters, she leads the reader on an epic adventure to bring peace to the world....The author teaches and entertains, unraveling a compelling tale that will make us rethink the purpose of our lives. In her epistolary telling, she weaves an odyssey that’s comparable to classics like Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and Sheila Burnford’s The Incredible Journey.

— Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite

“From the very first page of Cat on a Mission, Tarra’s simple and clear descriptions of Tiger’s tuning in to his life’s purpose, his “Flow of Life,” I realized I was being simultaneously attuned to my own guidance.
      “In a sylvan setting familiar to us, filled with wildlife, conifers, birds, and cats especially, we find another world exists beyond our vision, with birds communicating with benevolent beings of light, and the message then conveyed to a human through our favorite cats, Tiger and Fiddle. They bring the reader a message for humanity (through Solman) to help with its awakening, and to help humanity understand the root causes of war, the polarities of light and dark, and what needs to be understood so that peace can prevail.
      “Fiddle expresses it best when after listening to a history lesson from Tula, she says, ‘Nothing is as I thought it was.’”

— Arzani Burman author of The Legacy of Roses and Sky Harbor

“Cat on a Mission is one read you won't want to miss. It leads the reader on a journey through the eyes and heart of a cat named Tiger that shines his light and love to every being he encounters.  His wisdom and courage in the face of great challenges invokes the reader to aspire to want to reach higher and push through their own limitations. The book resonates a deep and transcendental understanding of Spirit and puts into perspective truths that we all need to discover in ourselves.  A truly inspirational book!”

Laura Hurst, environmental educator

"Tarra is one of those rare authors who can write a seemingly simple story which touches its readers on many different levels, both conscious and subconscious. She is actually planting seeds of transformation in the readers’ psyches, seeds which may sprout and blossom weeks, months, or even years after the last delightful page has been read."

— Avram Sacks, spiritual counselor

“Tarra Light’s new book, Cat on a Mission, follows in the tradition of fables and fairy tales by offering us a world where anything is possible.  Humans and animals coexist in a world of communication both verbal and telepathic, and otherworldly beings offer their influence and guidance.
      “The story reveals ultimate truths in human consciousness such as this statement from enlightened beings, ‘If the people of Earth could overcome their fear, light beings from advanced star civilizations could help resolve seemingly insurmountable problems.
      “Tarra presents a story with heartfelt innocence combined with meta-physical understanding of how man might evolve by embracing his heart intelligence.” 

— John Campbell, retired counselor

“Whether you’ve wondered about the fate of Tiger and his family from her previous books or are just encountering this cast of characters for the first time, you’ll easily get pulled into this latest intriguing tale from Tarra Light. It’s easy to become invested in the lives portrayed in Tarra’s latest book because, though they are cats, it doesn’t take much to realize that much of what these characters experience relates to our own human experience.
      “Easy and entertaining to read, every chapter provides great nuggets of wisdom which serve as vital reminders about how our own lives can be if we only choose it to be so.”

— Christopher Harding, author of The Saint of Malibu Shores and The Reindeer Boy



To order: Cat on a Mission


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