True Compassion is living in the Heart. It is the willingness to keep the heart open, to feel without resistance. As we welcome all that we experience, we are able to embrace the pain as well as the joy. We surrender to the love that is always present.

As we look into the eyes of each person, we see the light of the soul shining through. We recognize our True Self in everyone we meet. We are One Life breathing in ten thousand forms.

Unconditional love of self is the key to open all doors. Let us accept ourselves as we are, without judgment. Let the wisdom of love teach us how to forgive. We can forgive our past and the choices we made in ignorance. We can forgive our opponents who are blind to the truth.

Compassion is the realization of the universality of human experience. Within us are the seeds of all possibilities, of the light, and of the shadow. When we admit our struggles with temptation, we can stop judging others for succumbing. Perhaps they are lacking in discernment, strength of will, or spiritual maturity.

We meet in the heart as we recognize our inherent vulnerability. The mortality of human life is a bond we all share.

Living in love, we know the Truth. Living in love, we are free.

From Angel of Auschwitz by Tarra Light


Allow the music to open your heart.

The Empty Heart, "IN WONDER, The Narrow Road to the Deep North"
Music from the world of OSHO  (c) 1991