"Everything that comes to us offers the opportunity 
to love more deeply." 




I invite you to explore my website. Each page offers inspired messages to uplift your spirit and open your heart.

I write stories that teach and heal. May they assist you in mastering the lessons of love and encourage you to walk the path of the heart. From awakened hearts comes love that can heal the world. Peace on Earth is possible through the healing of the heart.

The lessons of love are universal, for every age and nation. The challenges of life are the tests of love. Do we shut down and close our hearts, or do we stay open and trust? Can we respond to adversity with an open heart, like Natasza in Angel of Auschwitz? Can we see our lives through the eyes of love, like Kriya in The Princess of Freedom? Living in the heart, it is natural to forgive.

Each of us is a unique expression of the Creator’s infinite Love. God lives in us. We live in Him. The heart is the doorway into the Kingdom of Heaven. The key to the doorway lies in opening the heart.


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