Spiritual Life Readings

It is my pleasure to offer you readings for your spiritual guidance. For lifetimes, I have worked with the Masters of Light who are responsible for implementing the Divine Plan for humanity’s evolution. The Masters are great beings of Light who can assist you in your journey of awakening. They prefer to work with people committed to their spiritual unfoldment.

Channeling is a state of surrendering control; it is not being taken over. I enter a meditative state and adjust my energy field to blend with the Masters. It is necessary to be neutral and non-judgmental and to trust what comes through. I have made soul contracts to work with Them as part of my service to the world.

You may ask for guidance on issues or situations that are showing up for you. What are you not seeing that is standing in the way of moving forward on your path in your life? What do you need to shift or to realize in order to experience fulfillment, inner peace and happiness?

Realize that I do not give advice on physical health concerns, nor do I predict the future.

Readings are in person in Ashland, Oregon. It can be helpful to come prepared with a list of questions. I ask $50 an hour. To schedule a session, please e-mail me with a phone number where you can be reached and the best times to call. Earthlight33@gmail.com


I received a channeled reading from Tarra Light that helped me make a huge transition in my life that I had been afraid of making but desired very deeply. The messages she channeled helped me confront my fears and the things holding me back. The messages were honest about what I'd have to sacrifice to make this big move, and that honesty reached straight to my heart. Because of that new level of honesty, within a day I was able to start on the path towards my dream: a major career change and a move to another continent — whence I'm writing this testimonial! I'm so impressed with Ms. Light's gentle manner, combined with profound insight. She is both gifted and wise — a rare combination.

—Laurie Luther, November 11, 2016.